A student, looking for admission to the school is enlisted simply after the due enrollment procedure of the school. In case of any issues and settlements, decision by school authorities will be deemed final.

  • Individuals who have gone to another school can't be conceded until the point that an exchange authentication from the prior school is created.
  • No discount on fees if the ward is withdrawn mid term.
  • Guardians must not enter the classroom to see their wards or teacher amid the class hours. They can just meet the teachers at Parent Teacher Meet or after school hours.
  • Guardians are required to co-operate with the school in understanding the growth of their wards.
  • Wards if suspended shall not be sent to school without consensus with school authorities.
  • Any special medical conditions of wards should be informed and confirmed with the school authorities prior or at the time of admission.
  • Guardians must not misbehave with any school staff in case of any misunderstanding, any such case will be dealt with severe repercussions.
  • Quarreling, utilization of harsh dialect or hostile to social conduct is entirely precluded in the school premises. It would be entirely managed and could prompt rustication.
  • All students are expected to show courteous behaviour toward each other, faculty and staff.
  • Successful students are punctual ! Always be punctual to school and classes and stay ready to learn.
  • All students must follow the school dress code strictly, if not, will be met with due punishments.
  • No mobiles or as such any electronic devices are allowed in school premises, if caught, would lead to confiscation of the device and rustication of the students
  • Students and guardians are expected to follow all the mentioned rules and regulations for smooth operations of school.