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Online Learning System

Digital Classrooms have been creating a revolution in the educational sector. Embedded with modern day technologies, such interactive classrooms offer a friendly environment to the students where they may clear all their concepts while having endless fun.
They are ideal for educating the little angels about the most basic rules of learning and also help them in retaining their knowledge. They have not only changed the perspective of students towards studying but have also helped the teachers in preparing dynamic multi-media lessons which can be interesting for students. Learning is more of a fun and less of a burden with the introduction of such digital classrooms in education.

High Quality Digital Learning At MHS World School

MHS World School digital learning support system has highly curated playlists of video lectures at chapter and concept level. Additionally it also has video solutions for the entire set of problems in all the modules and DPPs which help students if they face constant issues with specific topics and questions. Students can access the material both on their study app as well as inside the MATRIX premise in MATLABs.

MHS World School online learning web portal

High quality video lectures which help in reducing eye stain due to long study hours.
Live classes for a beer experience similar to oine classes/ regular classes.
The doubt section helps the students to resolve their doubts.
Online testing system helps the students to have detailed analysis.
Assignments are an easy task as students can receive and submit their assignments in the assignment section in a few simple steps.