Foundation Program

Foundation Courses Overview

  • Foundation
  • Counselling
  • Learning
  • Assessment

The Foundation program is primarily designed solely for students who are aiming to attain a high rank in the relevant competitive examinations. While a gifted student can achieve the goal of attaining a top rank in competitive examination with the help of focused preparation in only class 6th to 10th.

The primary goal of the program is focused towards providing students an effortless development from school and board exams level to competitive level of study and preparation with optimal speed. The Entire module is properly structured and extremely detail oriented by taking care of the smallest level of details and leaving no scope for uncertainty

Focus of Foundation program

Preparations for NTSE, IJSO, Pre-RMO, NMTC along with early preparation of IIT-JEE & NEET while balancing school preparation.

For class 5th to 10th class students
  • "Simply the best gift your child can get before they pass class 10th Boards"
  • "Infinite potential to change the academic learning trajectory of your child in a few years!".
Personalized Mentoring & Counselling

Teachers work with students and parents to help the students succeed academically and socially. They provide one-on-one emotional guidance and help students plan for their futures by guiding them in building a career.

  • Get support & guidance, whenever in doubt.
  • Keep track of your preparation level & performance.
  • Regular Parents Teacher Meeting.

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  • Qualified Teachers
  • We have better environment.
  • We learn great activities and mind power games.
Regular Assessment

Everyone knows the advantage of online test and with technology online test is preferred over the offline test. If students prepare for a particular topic they can give tests as per their choice and analyze their level of performance. Online tests and their results help teachers to know the weak and strong areas of students. With this, Matrix Faculties assist students to work on both strong and weak points to perform better. Students themselves can observe their performance by analyzing how much time they spend on particular questions or on which topic they can score good, etc.

  • Online testing and detailed in-depth analysis
  • The major factor behind using online test series is that JEE Main, JEE Advanced and NEET both are conducted in Online Mode.

Matrix Foundation Program

Importance of Foundation Program

Saves students time

To make students ready for not just NEET / JEE but also for olympiads and other entrance tests.

Reduce stress

To help every student develop strong aptitude skills and the confidence to appear in entrance exams.

Build a strong base

To impart important skills of time management, problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning among the students.

Quick learning ability

Foundation courses (generally from class 5th to 10th) helps in the development of IQ, Logical and Analytical Thinking.

Benefits of Choosing a Foundation Course

  • Foundation Course
  • Study Material
  • Doubt Solving
  • Expert Guidance
Foundation Course

The Pre Foundation and Foundation courses have been designed by keeping in view an excellent performance of the student taking the course in School and reputed competitive examinations like Science and Maths Olympiad, NTSE, IIT, NEET, NDA and other scholarship exams conducted by various Government and Non - Government organisations.

Objectives of the Courses
  • A foundation course is helpful. The study method and approach will help you in building a good base for IIT JEE / NEET preparation.
  • The teachers will give right direction, guidance & support which helps in developing required skills quite early.
High-quality Study Material

Whether it be notes, mind maps, flashcards, daily practice papers or mock tests, students will receive every study material here. We will help them prepare for school examinations with the same enthusiasm and dedication. Students will also get access to online video-based learning such as pre-recorded lessons, conceptual videos, NCERT solutions, JEE previous year papers, NEET previous year papers and so on.

  • Pre-recorded lessons
  • NCERT solutions recorded video.
Doubt Solving on the Go

We understand that it is not easy to master a concept in one go. Students might take time and can have a lot of questions to ask. This is why we provide one-on-one and group-based doubt-solving sessions where students can ask questions and participate in discussions.

  • To help every student develop strong aptitude skills and the confidence to appear in entrance exams.
  • To make students ready for not just JEE, NEET Exam but also for olympiads and other entrance tests.
Expert Guidance from the Beginning

From a very early age, your child will be studying from IIT, NEET and subject matter experts who have years of experience in teaching Science and Maths concepts. Learning from the best faculty means getting the best knowledge from them. They will not only be your teacher but your mentor who will guide you at every step.

  • Qualified Teachers
  • We have better environment.