Advanced Learning technologies

Digital Learning Platforms

A digital learning platform allows access to a complete library of online resources.

All students can access the information anytime and from anywhere with the help of the Internet and a reading device of their choice, be it a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. Then there is also the option to download material and access for offline use.

Explore Video lectures in High Quality

Use this High quality video lectures to introduce yourself and explain the class syllabus, schedule, goals, and expectations.
Video-based learning easily attracts any student. A combination of speech, text, and images makes it easier to get to the point much faster.

Subject Wise Online Test

Test series is one of the best methods to improve the level of confidence and rectifying the mistakes in one,s preparation. It also helps the candidate overcome the fear of the exam.
Attempting online test series has a major benefit. It gets you used to the real-time exam environment. So, you learn time management, how to accurately attempt questions and maintain your speed

High quality computer labs

MHS World School e-Learning is a premier learning solution for IIT & NEET, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads, other scholarship exams and Board and School Exams preparation for CBSE and RBSE students of Class 5 to 10. We at MHS World School conduct regular desktop based tests for our students to ensure that they are fully confident with these exams.