These are another paradigm shifting initiative from Matrix in the Sikar city in school education. MHS offers best in class digital learning aid to students to ensure that no student is left behind. Below are some of the world class facilities available at MHS that you can use from day-1.

Video lectures for Difficult Subject

Video lectures for difficult subjects: The best quality videos will ensure that even if you miss a class due to something important, you don't have to miss the entire chapter. You can easily cover the missed topic in video lecture and continue that regular classes without taking any break. This is very useful in continuation of study program when you miss some classes due to unavoidable reasons. This is also useful when a particular topic/chapter is very tough and you face difficulty understanding it in class.

Video solutions of Science and Mathematics material

The solutions would help you master each and every question in our study material in an excellent manner. Somethings, students cannot ask questions in classroom because either they feel shy or they think that it has already been discussed. In such cases, video solutions can help greatly. If you have any doubt in any of the questions, you can anytime come to the Video lab and watch the complete video of the solution. The solutions are recorded by well experienced in a very coherent and easy to understand manner.

Online testing and detailed in-depth analysis for various Competitive Exams

Online tests have many advantage over offline paper based tests. Students can choose any topics of their choice and take a test to check their preparation level. The online testing platform at MHS has many unique and mind blowing analysis that can help you identify your weak and strong areas. You can also see how much time you spent of each of the questions and how was your accuracy at different levels. All in all, now that most exams are becoming completely online, this testing platform would greatly help you become confident in online exams.