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Silverzone olympiads Winners Award Ceremony at Matrix High School :

Several Matrix High School students were rewarded for their mastery at winning in Prestigious Olympiad Examinations Conducted by Silverzone Foundation such as iOS, Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Olympiad, & International Olympiad of Mathematics.
In session 2022-23, MHS has given marvellous results across all kinds of Olympiads and it's yet another example of Excellence in Olympiads.

CUET UG 2023 Result :

CUET UG 2023 Result: 3 MHS students secured 100%iles & 25 students scored above 95%ile in various subjects.
CUET UG 2023 Result: 3 MHS students secured 100%iles in Political Science, Geography, History and English Subjects.
Aspirations to study at Top Universities in India have come true for 25 of our students who scored above 95%ile in various subjects.
Sakshi Devenda– 100%ile in Political Science
Harshita Poonia– 100%ile in Geography & History
Deepshikha– 100%ile in English
Striving for excellence with the direction of experts at Matrix High School awarded them success in board exams too.
100%ile scorers shined in Class 12th CBSE with 93.60%, 92.80% & 91.40% respectively.
This shows that the gateway to success in CUET, Boards and other competitions is Matrix High School in Sikar.

STSE 2022-2023 Results :

STSE 2022 Class 10 Result: 3 in first Top 4 students from Sikar are MHS students. A record produced by MHS alone which is still higher than the sum total of STSE Toppers given by all the schools, coachings collectively.
4 STSE Toppers are from MHS in Top 20 students list of all boards for class 10 on all Rajasthan level with overall top ranks- 2nd, 2nd, 2nd and 3rd! (best in Sikar and highest in Rajasthan) ….

STSE 2022-2023 Results :

Here are 3 top scorers with 179/180 marks and 1 with 178/180 marks-
🏆Rank 2- Pranshu Bharia(179/180 marks, 99.44%)
🏆Rank 2- Shrishti (179/180 marks, 99.44%)
🏆Rank 2- Rohit Yadav (179 score, 99.44%)
🏆Rank 3- Dev Kumar (178 score, 98.89 %)
🎯A total of 102 selections! This is above twice the selections made from any School/Coaching institute and therefore highest again in Sikar based on the % overall result.
🎯STSE 2022 Class 12 Result: In the list of top 20 candidates of all board for class 12 Science stream, 4 students are from Matrix Only with following Ranks-
🏆 Rank 1- Aman Nehra
🏆 Rank 2- Mayank Soni (All India 🏆Topper in JEE Main 2023 Session 1 with 100%ile)
🏆Rank 5- Mridul Choudhary
🏆 Rank 8- Tanuj Kumawat
Congratulations achievers!! .

JEE Main 2023 Session 1 Result:

A 100 percentiler, All India Joint Topper from Matrix Sikar!
99.95%tile and above – 5 students (Highest in Sikar)
99.50%tile and above – 24 students (Highest in Sikar)
99.00%ile and above – 60 students (Highest in Sikar)
98.00%ile and above – 182 students (Highest in Sikar)
3 out of Top-4 students from Sikar are from Matrix!
👏And many more students have done exceedingly well, detailed results will be published soon….

SOF NSO Result 2022:

2 Medals of Distinction
14 International rank holders
39 Gold Medal of Excellence winners
MHS students have set a new benchmark with their excellence in the National Science Olympiad 2022 organized by Science Olympiad Foundation. For showcasing logical reasoning, scientific and winning skills, they have been awarded Medals of Distinction and Gold Medals of Excellence.

Congratulations achievers!! .

Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM Level - 1) 2022-23 Result:

District Rank 1 & 3 from MHS
A selection for State Level Camp Participation
4 MHS students got class rank 1

Total 10 students have displayed their scientific bent of mind in VVM which is a multi-level national science talent search exam organized by VIBHA, VIGYAN PRASAR, & #NCERT to evaluate students at School, State, and national levels and felicitate the science enthusiasts.
Congratulations to the winners!!